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Gods at War:

Episode I

• Price: $5.00

• Reading age: 16+
• Author: Iván Bolaños Gamero
• Genre: Adventure / Fantasy

• Editor: Abucci & Barone

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When the god Alkiar created our galaxy, he aroused the jealousy of his brother, Morek. The latter decided then that he would destroy the Earth's living beings through his demons: the untot. Realizing this, Alkiar gave life to the padian Antolas, an immortal warrior of light whose mission will be to contain the lieutenants of darkness.


However, Antolas will not be able to stop them forever. New warriors must be born from the souls of three human beings, three predestined. To transform into padian, they must first enter the higher dimension through a portal that will open in the Heart of the Andes.


Accompany the guardians across the planet charged with protecting the fated from Scuranti hatred. In Siberia, the mystery of Tunguska, the magic of Ayers Rock in Australia, and even the son of a vanished volcano in southeast Indonesia will be critical pieces in this colossal battle through time and space

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