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Kes and the pegasi
of Bernia

(Book Two)

• Price: $5.00

• Reading age: 10+
• Author: Iván Bolaños Gamero

• Genre: Adventure / Fantasy

• Editor: Abucci & Barone

Evil was finally banished from Terralan, but now Kes and Alit must travel beyond the horizon, to an unknown and challenging land. To do this, and with the help of Vaz's ingenuity, they must immerse themselves in the waters of the imposing Acuantalis lake.

A new threat will stalk them from the shadows, and with the help of new friends, fantastic winged creatures, they will fight to prevent the dark forces from triumphing once more.

What creature remains locked within the impregnable Dungeon of Oblivion? What truth does the legend of the great blue wolf contain?

Discover the terrible magic that our friends will have to face in this second adventure of The Books of Kes.

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