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The Crystals of Vuhran:

I. The athyrant

• Price: $5.00

• Reading age: 14+
• Author: Iván Bolaños Gamero

• Genre: Epic Fantasy

• Editor: Abucci & Barone

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A cataclysm causes the end of a great civilization, and the survivors are transported to a different planet, where they will found the new Kingdom of Vuhran. Over the centuries, critical conflicts will begin that can only be resolved with the participation of the Athyrant, or soldiers of god, and the force of some enigmatic crystals that remain in their can.


Discover what fate awaits the young and courageous Aheolian-Priem, upon his arrival at the main military camp on the eastern continent. Great armies will be mobilized, the most formidable fortress will be challenged, and all the power of the gods will shake the world.


The Crystals of Vuhran is a true epic, with complete geography and a millenary history, with its mythology, culture, and technology. The first volume of this trilogy covers the first thousand years of history continued in The Milian Sector and Children of Orion.

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